does alex de minaur have a girlfriend ?


Yes, Alex de Minaur has been in a relationship with British tennis player Katie Boulter since March 2020. Theirs is a tale of love blossoming on the tennis circuit, with both players achieving notable success in their careers. However, their romance is not without its twists and turns, especially when their professional paths collide on the court.

A Love Story Forged in Competition:

De Minaur and Boulter’s relationship began quietly in 2020, but it soon became apparent that they were more than just fellow competitors. They frequently cheered each other on at tournaments, and their social media posts hinted at a growing bond. In March 2021, de Minaur publicly confirmed their relationship, calling Boulter his “leading lady” in an Instagram post on International Women’s Day.

Supporting Each Other’s Victories:

Both de Minaur and Boulter have enjoyed career highlights while navigating their relationship. De Minaur, currently ranked 25th in the world, has reached the quarter-finals of both the Australian Open and US Open. Boulter, ranked 121st, has seven singles titles and four doubles titles on the ITF Women’s Circuit. They are often seen supporting each other at tournaments, creating a heartwarming display of love and admiration.

Facing the Challenges of Competition:

However, their relationship also presents unique challenges. In the 2023 United Cup, de Minaur’s Australia faced off against Boulter’s Great Britain. While they smiled and chatted before their respective matches, the potential for professional conflict was palpable. This situation, with its mix of love and competition, has sparked much media interest, with some even jokingly predicting the “end of a beautiful relationship.”


Love and rivalry intertwine in the world of professional tennis, and Alex de Minaur and Katie Boulter’s relationship is a prime example. They have found love and support in each other, but also face the challenge of navigating professional competition while maintaining their bond. Their story is an ongoing one, filled with both triumphs and potential hurdles, and it will be interesting to see how their love story unfolds alongside their individual tennis careers.

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