does dexter king have a child ?


Dexter Scott King, the youngest son of civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King, passed away peacefully in his sleep on January 22nd, 2024, at the age of 62. While widely recognized for his contributions to preserving his family’s legacy and advocating for social justice, a common question surrounding his personal life often arises: Did Dexter King have any children?

A Life Shaped by Legacy:

Born in 1961, Dexter was just seven years old when his father was tragically assassinated. Despite this early loss, he grew up deeply immersed in the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement. He followed in his father’s footsteps, attending Morehouse College and later serving as the chairman of The King Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting his parents’ principles of nonviolence and social equality.

Marriage and Partnership:

In 2013, Dexter married Leah Weber, a broadcast journalist, entrepreneur, and consultant. Their relationship was described as one of “love, support, and unconditional love,” mirroring the bond shared by his parents. However, despite this fulfilling marriage, the couple did not have any biological children together.

Reasons for Not Having Children:

While the specific reasons for Dexter and Leah’s decision to remain childless haven’t been publicly disclosed, several factors could have played a role. The demanding nature of Dexter’s work at The King Center, coupled with the immense responsibility of carrying on his family’s legacy, may have left little room for raising children. Additionally, personal preferences and life choices also contribute to such decisions.

Continuing the Legacy:

Despite not having biological children of his own, Dexter actively championed the next generation of activists and leaders. He mentored young people, participated in educational initiatives, and tirelessly advocated for causes he believed in. Through these efforts, he extended the reach of his family’s legacy and inspired countless individuals to carry the torch of social justice.


Dexter Scott King lived a life of purpose, dedication, and love. He played a crucial role in safeguarding his family’s legacy and promoting the ideals of nonviolence and equality. While he did not have any biological children, his influence on countless individuals and his unwavering commitment to social justice ensure that his spirit and impact continue to resonate far beyond his lifetime.

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