does Barbie or Oppenheimer have the higher Rotten Tomatoes score?


Rotten Tomatoes is a website that aggregates film reviews from critics and audiences. The site uses a percentage-based system to rate movies, with 100% being the highest possible score.

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The two movies that we’re comparing in this article, Barbie and Oppenheimer, both have Rotten Tomatoes scores of over 80%. However, Oppenheimer has a slightly higher score of 93%, while Barbie has a score of 89%.


Barbie is a comedy film about a doll who leaves her perfect life in the Barbie universe and travels to the real world. The movie stars Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken. It was directed by Greta Gerwig.

The critical reception for Barbie has been positive. The film has been praised for its humor, its visuals, and its performances. However, some critics have found the movie to be too lighthearted and superficial.


Oppenheimer is a historical drama about J. Robert Oppenheimer, the scientist who led the Manhattan Project to develop the atomic bomb. The movie stars Cillian Murphy as Oppenheimer and Emily Blunt as his wife, Katherine. It was directed by Christopher Nolan.

The critical reception for Oppenheimer has been even more positive than the reception for Barbie. The film has been praised for its complex and nuanced portrayal of Oppenheimer, its suspenseful plot, and its stunning visuals.

Comparison of Rotten Tomatoes scores

So, why does Oppenheimer have a higher Rotten Tomatoes score than Barbie? There are a few possible explanations.

First, Oppenheimer is a more serious and challenging film than Barbie. It deals with complex historical and ethical issues, which may have appealed to more critics.

Second, Oppenheimer has a stronger cast and crew than Barbie. Cillian Murphy and Emily Blunt are both highly acclaimed actors, and Christopher Nolan is a renowned director.

Finally, Oppenheimer was released in the summer, when there was less competition from other major releases. Barbie was released in the fall, when there was more competition.


Both Barbie and Oppenheimer are well-made films with strong Rotten Tomatoes scores. However, Oppenheimer has a slightly higher score, likely due to its more serious subject matter and stronger cast and crew.

Ultimately, the decision of which movie to watch is up to you. If you’re looking for a lighthearted comedy, then Barbie is a good choice. If you’re looking for a more serious and thought-provoking film, then Oppenheimer is a better option.

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