does hungry jacks support israel ?


Hungry Jacks, the Australian franchise of Burger King, has been accused of supporting Israel. These accusations stem from the company’s alleged donations to Israeli charities and its support for Israeli businesses. However, Hungry Jacks has denied these accusations, stating that it does not support any particular country or political cause.


Hungry Jacks is a popular fast food chain in Australia. It is the second-largest franchise of Burger King in the world, behind Carrols Corporation. The company has been operating in Australia since 1971 and has over 400 locations nationwide.

Accusations of Support for Israel

In 2018, Hungry Jacks was accused of supporting Israel after it was revealed that the company had donated money to an Israeli charity called Friends of the IDF. The IDF is the Israeli military, which has been accused of human rights abuses against Palestinians.

Hungry Jacks also came under fire for its support of Israeli businesses. In 2019, the company partnered with an Israeli company called SodaStream to sell its sparkling water products in Australia. SodaStream has been accused of complicity in Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, as its factory is located in an Israeli settlement in the occupied Palestinian territory.

Hungry Jacks’ Denial of Support for Israel

Hungry Jacks has denied all accusations that it supports Israel. The company has stated that it does not donate money to any political causes or organizations. It has also stated that its partnership with SodaStream was a purely commercial decision and that it does not endorse any of the company’s political views.


There is no clear consensus on whether Hungry Jacks supports Israel. The company has denied all accusations of support, but some people believe that its donations to Israeli charities and its support for Israeli businesses indicate otherwise. It is up to each individual to decide whether they believe Hungry Jacks supports Israel.

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