does modi believe in astrology ?


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s relationship with astrology has been shrouded in mystery, prompting endless speculation and debate. This article delves into the available evidence to unravel the truth about his beliefs.

The Evidence for Modi’s Belief:

  • Consultation with Astrologers: Modi has demonstrably consulted astrologers on several occasions, seeking their advice on personal and political matters. This includes his association with Tejas Mehta, a hobbyist astrologer, and PC Patel, who determined the auspicious timings for his swearing-in ceremonies.
  • Respect for Vedic Sciences: Modi has publicly expressed his respect for astrology as a Vedic science, suggesting he values its cultural significance.
  • Political Timing: Some of Modi’s political decisions, like the dates of his nomination and swearing-in, have coincided with astrologically favourable periods, further fuelling speculation about his reliance on astrology.

The Evidence Against Modi’s Belief:

  • Dismissal of Astrology: On several occasions, Modi has dismissed the notion that he relies on astrology for his decisions. He has publicly stated his belief in karma and hard work, distancing himself from the claim of being guided by celestial forces.
  • Mockery of Astrological Practices: Modi has been known to criticize political opponents for their reliance on astrology. Notably, he mocked Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao for advancing elections based on astrological advice.
  • Focus on Rationality and Science: Modi’s official pronouncements and policies emphasize the importance of scientific thinking and rational decision-making, seemingly contradicting a strong reliance on astrology.


While the available evidence suggests Modi’s relationship with astrology is complex and multifaceted, it remains elusive to definitively declare whether he truly believes in it. His consultations with astrologers and respect for Vedic sciences stand in contrast to his public statements dismissing astrology and promoting rationality. Ultimately, Modi’s personal beliefs remain a matter of speculation, and the true extent of his reliance on astrology may never be fully known.

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