does putin believe in astrology ?


While there’s no definitive evidence to confirm or deny Putin’s personal belief in astrology, several factors suggest a possible connection.

Putin’s Historical References and Surroundings

  • Rare References to Philosopher Ivan Il’in: Putin has occasionally referenced Il’in, a controversial philosopher who openly endorsed astrology and its role in shaping national destinies. While the extent of Putin’s adherence to Il’in’s ideas remains unclear, their shared interest in astrology presents an intriguing link.
  • Former Kremlin Astrologer: Pavel Globa, a prominent astrologer, once served as an advisor to the Kremlin. While his exact role and influence on Putin are unknown, his presence at the heart of Russian power suggests at least some level of acceptance for astrological practices within the political sphere.

Rise in Astrological Popularity in Russia

  • Astrology as Coping Mechanism: The ongoing war in Ukraine and other challenges have led to a surge in Russians seeking solace and guidance through astrology. This growing popularity indicates a cultural shift towards accepting alternative forms of understanding and predicting the future.
  • Business Boom for Astrologers: Schools offering astrology courses have witnessed a significant increase in enrollment since the war began, reflecting the public’s heightened interest in the practice. This trend further highlights the growing influence of astrology in Russian society.


While concrete proof of Putin’s personal belief in astrology is lacking, the aforementioned historical references, his association with figures like Il’in and Globa, and the rising popularity of astrology in Russia paint a suggestive picture. Ultimately, whether Putin truly believes in the stars remains a matter of speculation and individual interpretation. However, it’s undeniable that astrology holds a significant cultural and even political presence in Russia, potentially influencing individual and collective decision-making.

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