does royal mail deliver on saturday ?


Royal Mail, the national postal service provider in the United Kingdom, is known for its reliable and efficient delivery services. However, with the ever-changing demands of modern life, many people are curious about whether Royal Mail delivers on Saturdays.

Saturday Delivery Services

In general, Royal Mail does deliver on Saturdays, aiming to provide six-day-a-week service to its customers. This includes both letters and parcels, ensuring that customers receive their mail promptly and conveniently.

Standard Saturday Delivery

For standard mail items, Royal Mail typically delivers on Saturdays as part of their regular delivery schedule. This means that letters and small parcels should arrive on Saturdays unless there are any unforeseen circumstances, such as severe weather conditions or operational disruptions.

Special Delivery Guaranteed Saturday

For items that require guaranteed Saturday delivery, Royal Mail offers the Special Delivery Guaranteed Saturday service. This option ensures that your parcel will arrive on Saturday by 1:00 pm, providing an extra level of certainty and peace of mind.

Exceptions to Saturday Delivery

While Royal Mail strives to deliver on Saturdays, there are a few exceptions to this rule. These exceptions typically involve public or local holidays, where mail delivery may be suspended or delayed. Additionally, in some remote or sparsely populated areas, Saturday delivery may not be available.


In conclusion, Royal Mail does deliver on Saturdays for both standard and Special Delivery Guaranteed Saturday items. This commitment to six-day-a-week delivery ensures that customers receive their mail promptly and conveniently, even on weekends. However, it is important to note that there are a few exceptions to Saturday delivery, such as public holidays or operational disruptions.

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