what does green dot mean on snapchat ?


Have you ever noticed a mysterious green dot next to your friends’ Bitmojis on Snapchat? Wondering what it means and if they’re lurking in the app, ready to catch your next Snap? You’re not alone! This little green orb has sparked curiosity and confusion among Snapchat users everywhere. Fear not, intrepid Snapper, for this guide will unravel the secrets of the green dot and its significance in your Snapchat experience.

The Green Dot Demystified:

The green dot, officially known as the “Activity Indicator,” is Snapchat’s way of informing you that your friend has been recently active on the app. This handy feature, introduced in 2020, takes the guesswork out of knowing who’s up for a chat or a Snapstreak continuation. However, there are some nuances to understand:

  • Location, Location, Location: The green dot only appears on the “Quick Add” page, where you discover suggested friends. It won’t be visible in your chats or friend list, though some older versions of Snapchat might show it elsewhere.
  • A Matter of Choice: Like many social media features, the Activity Indicator is a double-edged sword. While it offers valuable insight into your friends’ online presence, it also broadcasts your own activity unless you choose to turn it off.
  • Privacy Preference: Worried about revealing your Snapchat habits? Fear not! You can easily disable the Activity Indicator in your privacy settings. Simply navigate to “Settings” > “Privacy Controls” and toggle “Activity Indicator” off. This makes you invisible to the green dot’s gaze, granting you stealthy app usage.

The Green Dot’s Impact:

Beyond simply indicating online status, the green dot subtly influences your Snapchat experience. Here’s how:

  • Timing is Key: Seeing a friend’s green dot can prompt you to send them a Snap or strike up a conversation, knowing they’re likely available.
  • Engagement Booster: The dot fosters a sense of immediacy and encourages real-time interactions, potentially increasing engagement and Snap-sending frequency.
  • A Glimpse into Friends’ Lives: Knowing your friends are online can spark curiosity and anticipation, adding a layer of intrigue to your Snapchat interactions.


The green dot, though small, carries significant weight in the Snapchat world. It’s a valuable tool for connecting with friends, gauging their availability, and understanding their online habits. However, it’s also a privacy consideration, offering a choice between transparency and invisibility. Ultimately, the green dot’s power lies in its ability to connect and engage users, adding a subtle layer of intrigue to the ephemeral world of Snapchat. So, the next time you see that tiny green dot, remember the possibilities it holds – a friendly Snap, a lively conversation, or simply a knowing connection in the digital realm. Now go forth, Snapper, and use the green dot to your advantage!

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