is today hanuman jayanti ?


Hanuman Jayanti, a vibrant festival celebrated across India, marks the birth anniversary of Lord Hanuman, the revered Hindu deity known for his unwavering devotion, strength, and unwavering loyalty. While the exact date varies depending on regional traditions and calendars, today, December 24th, 2023, coincides with the celebration of Hanuman Jayanti in South India, particularly in Karnataka.

The Many Faces of Hanuman Jayanti:

Traditionally, Hanuman Jayanti is most widely observed on the full moon day of the Chaitra month in the Hindu calendar, which typically falls in March or April. However, South Indian regions like Karnataka celebrate Hanuman Jayanti on the Shukla Trayodashi of the Margashira month, corresponding to December or January in the Gregorian calendar. This regional variation highlights the diverse cultural tapestry of Hinduism and the myriad ways faith manifests across India.

Celebrating the Spirit of Hanuman:

Hanuman Jayanti is a day of immense devotion and joyous festivities. Devotees throng temples dedicated to Lord Hanuman, offering prayers, flowers, and sweets. Special devotional songs, known as bhajans and kirtans, resonate in the air, praising Hanuman’s virtues and recounting his heroic deeds. Religious discourses narrate the epic Ramayana, where Hanuman plays a pivotal role as Lord Rama’s loyal companion.

Beyond Faith: A Symbol of Strength and Perseverance:

Hanuman’s significance transcends mere religious devotion. He is an embodiment of unwavering strength, unwavering loyalty, and selfless service. His legendary feats, like carrying the Sanjeevani mountain to revive Lord Rama’s brother Lakshmana, and his courageous leap across the ocean to Lanka, inspire individuals to face their own challenges with courage and determination.

A Day of Unity and Joy:

Hanuman Jayanti is not only a celebration of a divine being but also a time for community gathering and merriment. Processions with decorated idols of Lord Hanuman traversing the streets, vibrant cultural performances, and distribution of prasadam (blessed food) create a joyous atmosphere. This shared celebration fosters a sense of unity and strengthens the bonds within the community.


Though Hanuman Jayanti may fall on different days in different regions, the essence of the festival remains constant. It is a day to celebrate the remarkable qualities of Lord Hanuman, seek his blessings for strength and guidance, and reaffirm the importance of devotion, loyalty, and service. Regardless of the date, the spirit of Hanuman Jayanti continues to resonate, reminding us of the immense power of faith and the enduring legacy of the mighty monkey god.

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