is calgary french canada ?

Calgary is a city located in the province of Alberta, Canada, and is not considered part of French Canada. While French is one of Canada’s two official languages, along with English, it is primarily spoken in the province of Quebec and some parts of eastern Canada. In Calgary, English is the predominant language spoken, although the city is home to a small French-speaking community.

French Canada refers to the regions of Canada where French is the primary language spoken and is commonly used to refer to the province of Quebec, as well as parts of New Brunswick, Ontario, and Manitoba. These regions have a distinct culture and history, with French Canadians often identifying as a separate cultural group within Canada.

Calgary, on the other hand, has a predominantly English-speaking population, with a diverse mix of cultures and ethnicities represented in the city. While French is not the primary language spoken in Calgary, there are still opportunities for French speakers to connect and engage with the language and culture through various French language programs, cultural events, and organizations in the city.

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