is cuet worth it ?

The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) is a proposed standardized test for university admissions in India. The test would aim to streamline the admission process, reduce reliance on board exams, and provide a more equitable system for all students.

However, there are concerns about the feasibility and effectiveness of implementing such a test. One issue is the potential for socio-economic bias in access to test preparation resources. Additionally, some argue that a standardized test may not accurately capture a student’s true abilities or potential, and that universities should instead focus on a more holistic evaluation of applicants.

Furthermore, the implementation of CUET could face significant logistical and administrative challenges, particularly given the size and diversity of India’s education system.

Overall, the potential benefits of CUET as a more streamlined and equitable university admissions process must be weighed against the challenges of implementation and potential for bias. Ultimately, a more comprehensive and nuanced approach to university admissions may be necessary to address the complex factors that contribute to success in higher education.

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