is jake hill related to damon hill ?


Damon Hill and Jake Hill are two British racing drivers who have both achieved success in their respective careers. Damon is a former Formula One world champion, while Jake is currently competing in the British Touring Car Championship.

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There is some confusion about whether or not the two drivers are related. Some people believe that they are cousins, while others believe that they are not related at all.

Damon Hill

Damon Hill was born in 1960 and is the son of Graham Hill, who was a two-time Formula One world champion. Damon started racing karts at a young age and moved on to Formula Ford and Formula 3. He made his Formula One debut in 1992 and won the world championship in 1996.

Jake Hill

Jake Hill was born in 1994 and is not related to Damon Hill. He started racing karts at the age of eight and moved on to Formula Renault and Formula 4. He made his British Touring Car Championship debut in 2016 and has won three races in the series.

Are They Related?

So, are Jake Hill and Damon Hill related? The answer is no, they are not related. They share the same surname, but they are not blood relatives.


There is no doubt that Damon Hill and Jake Hill are both talented racing drivers. However, they are not related. Damon is the son of Graham Hill, while Jake is not related to any other famous racing drivers.

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