is modi in love with meloni ?


In recent weeks, Indian social media has been abuzz with discussions and memes surrounding the apparent chemistry between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Italian counterpart, Giorgia Meloni. Their interactions at the G20 summit and COP28 climate action summit have captured the imagination of netizens, leading to the coinage of the portmanteau “Melodi” to describe their dynamic.

The G20 Summit and COP28 Climate Action Summit

The G20 summit held in India in November 2023 provided the first glimpse of the Modi-Meloni camaraderie. A video of their interaction during a bilateral meeting went viral, with many social media users commenting on their friendly banter and easy rapport. The hashtag #Melodi began trending, and memes featuring the two leaders quickly followed.

Their chemistry was further amplified at the COP28 climate action summit in Dubai. A selfie posted by Meloni on Twitter, featuring her and Modi smiling together, garnered immense attention and further fueled the “Melodi” phenomenon.

Social Media Reactions

The Modi-Meloni dynamic has resonated with Indian social media users, particularly the younger generation. Many have found their interactions refreshing and heartwarming, especially given Modi’s often stern public persona. The lighthearted memes and discussions have provided a welcome respite from serious political discourse.

While some have interpreted the online buzz as a genuine romantic connection, others view it as a playful expression of admiration and camaraderie. The fact that both leaders are strong, charismatic figures with similar political backgrounds likely contributes to the fascination with their bond.


The “Melodi” phenomenon reflects the power of social media to transform ordinary interactions into viral sensations. It also highlights the public’s desire for connection and lightheartedness in the often严肃world of politics. While it is unlikely that Modi and Meloni are romantically involved, their chemistry has undoubtedly captured the hearts and imaginations of many.

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