is modi married to meloni ?


In recent weeks, Indian and Italian social media have been abuzz with rumors of a budding romance between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Italian counterpart, Giorgia Meloni. The speculation began after the two leaders met at the G20 summit in New Delhi in October 2023. Their interactions, captured in photographs and videos, were widely interpreted as flirtatious and intimate.

The Social Media Frenzy

The social media frenzy surrounding Modi and Meloni was fueled by a series of viral videos and memes, many of which portrayed them as a couple. Some videos even featured romantic music and slow-motion shots of the two leaders interacting. The hashtag #Melodi, a combination of their names, quickly gained traction on Twitter and Instagram.

The Reality

While the social media buzz suggested a blossoming romance, the reality is likely far less dramatic. Modi has been married since 1968, though he has been estranged from his wife for decades. Meloni has been in a relationship with her partner, Andrea Giambruno, for several years, and they have a daughter together.

A Political Alliance

Despite the absence of a romantic relationship, Modi and Meloni do share a strong political alliance. Both leaders are right-wing nationalists, and they have expressed mutual admiration for each other. Their shared political views have likely contributed to the perception of a personal connection.

Is Modi married to Meloni?

No, Narendra Modi is not married to Giorgia Meloni. Both leaders have been in long-term relationships with other partners. The rumors of a romance between them are likely unfounded.


The social media frenzy surrounding Modi and Meloni highlights the power of online platforms to shape public perception. A series of seemingly harmless interactions can be transformed into a romantic narrative, even when there is no basis for such a claim. The incident also underscores the importance of critical thinking and media literacy in the digital age.

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