does rick astley wear a wig ?


Rick Astley, the iconic singer-songwriter behind the unforgettable “Never Gonna Give You Up,” has sported a distinctively thick head of hair throughout his career. This, coupled with his youthful appearance defying his age, has fueled speculation for years: does Rick Astley wear a wig?

The Evidence for a Wig:

  • Unnaturally Consistent Hair: Astley’s hair has remained remarkably unchanged over the decades, maintaining its volume and signature curl even as he enters his 50s. This level of consistency, especially in the face of age and potential hair loss, has raised eyebrows.
  • Media Mischief: In a 2008 interview, Astley playfully joked about wearing a wig made of “the finest horsehair in North America.” While intended as a humorous deflection, the comment further ignited the rumor mill.
  • Online Marketplaces: Websites selling Rick Astley-inspired wigs and costumes exist, lending credence to the possibility that his hair isn’t entirely natural.

The Evidence Against a Wig:

  • Paparazzi Photos: Candid photos and videos of Astley outside of performances often show him with similar hair volume and style, suggesting his on-stage look isn’t solely due to styling products or wigs.
  • Interviews and Public Appearances: Astley has never definitively confirmed or denied wearing a wig. However, he often discusses his hair care routine and styling tips, implying it’s his own hair.
  • Lack of Concrete Proof: Despite years of speculation, no concrete evidence, such as photos of Astley without hair or paparazzi catching him in a wig mishap, has emerged to definitively prove he wears one.


The mystery of Rick Astley’s hair remains unsolved. While the internet buzz and playful media interactions lend fuel to the wig theory, concrete evidence is lacking. Ultimately, whether Astley sports his own locks or opts for theatrical enhancements, his talent and charm remain undeniable. He continues to entertain audiences around the world, proving that the power of music transcends hair-related speculation.

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