does sidney die in scream 6 ?


Scream 6 is the sixth installment in the Scream franchise, and it was released in theaters on January 14, 2023. The film stars Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott, a survivor of a series of Ghostface murders. In Scream 6, Sidney returns to Woodsboro to help her niece, Sam Carpenter (Melissa Barrera), who is being targeted by a new Ghostface killer.

Does Sidney Die in Scream 6?

No, Sidney does not die in Scream 6. She survives the film and helps to defeat the new Ghostface killer. However, she does suffer a number of injuries during the course of the film, including being stabbed and shot.

Why Doesn’t Sidney Die in Scream 6?

There are a few reasons why Sidney doesn’t die in Scream 6. First, she is a skilled survivor. She has already survived five previous Ghostface attacks, and she is not going to let this one get her. Second, she has the help of her friends and family. Sam, Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox), and Dewey Riley (David Arquette) are all there to help her fight off the new Ghostface killer. Finally, Sidney has a lot to live for. She is a mother and a wife, and she is not going to let anything happen to them.


Sidney Prescott is a survivor. She has survived five previous Ghostface attacks, and she survived the sixth one as well. She is a strong and determined woman, and she will not let anything stand in her way.

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