today in history 1698 ?

On April 1, 1698, Tsar Peter I of Russia, also known as Peter the Great, imposed a tax on beards as part of his efforts to modernize and westernize Russia. The tax was intended to discourage men from wearing traditional long beards, which Peter viewed as outdated and uncivilized.

Under the new law, men who wished to keep their beards had to pay a fee of 100 rubles per year, which was a substantial amount at the time. The tax also included a token or medallion that served as proof of payment and was required to be worn on one’s clothing.

The beard tax was just one of many reforms instituted by Peter the Great during his reign, which lasted from 1682 until his death in 1725. He is remembered for his efforts to modernize and westernize Russia by introducing new technologies, customs, and institutions from Europe.

Today, the beard tax is often cited as an example of Peter’s authoritarian rule and his willingness to use taxation as a tool of social control. However, it also reflects his desire to transform Russia into a more modern and prosperous nation.

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