what does 915 mean on instagram ?


The number 915 has recently become a popular hashtag on Instagram. It is used by people to express their love and support for Ukraine. The hashtag was started by Ukrainian social media users in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

What does the number 915 stand for?

The number 915 is the area code for the city of Zaporizhia, Ukraine. Zaporizhia is a large city in southeastern Ukraine that has been heavily damaged by the Russian invasion. The number 915 has come to represent the resilience and strength of the Ukrainian people.

How is the hashtag 915 used on Instagram?

People use the hashtag 915 to share photos and videos of their support for Ukraine. They also use the hashtag to share information about the war and to raise awareness of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

How can I use the hashtag 915 to show my support for Ukraine?

There are many ways to use the hashtag 915 to show your support for Ukraine. You can:

  • Share photos and videos of your support for Ukraine on Instagram.
  • Tag your friends and family in your posts.
  • Use the hashtag 915 in your captions.
  • Follow accounts that are using the hashtag 915.
  • Donate to organizations that are providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

By using the hashtag 915, you can help to raise awareness of the war in Ukraine and show your support for the Ukrainian people.


The number 915 has become a symbol of hope and resilience for the Ukrainian people. By using the hashtag 915 on Instagram, you can show your support for Ukraine and help to raise awareness of the war.

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