what does hru mean on instagram ?


HRU is an acronym that stands for “How Are You?” It is a common way to start a conversation on Instagram, or to check in with someone you haven’t talked to in a while.

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How to use HRU on Instagram

There are a few different ways to use HRU on Instagram. You can:

  • Send a direct message (DM) to a friend or follower.
  • Comment on someone’s post.
  • Use HRU as a hashtag in a post or story.

Examples of how to use HRU on Instagram

Here are a few examples of how you can use HRU on Instagram:

  • DM: “Hey, HRU? I haven’t seen you in a while!”
  • Comment: “Great photo! HRU today?”
  • Hashtag: “hru #howareyou #catchingup”


HRU is a simple way to start a conversation or check in with someone on Instagram. It is a friendly and informal way to show that you care about how someone is doing.

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