what does no contest mean in ufc ?


The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a popular mixed martial arts competition that features some of the world’s most skilled fighters. During a UFC match, fighters engage in intense combat to determine the winner. However, sometimes, the fight is declared a “no contest.” In this article, we will explore what “no contest” means in the UFC and the various scenarios that lead to such a declaration.

What is a No Contest in UFC?

A no contest is a ruling that occurs when a UFC fight ends without a winner or loser. In simple terms, the bout is deemed inconclusive, and neither fighter is declared the winner or loser. Instead, the fight is erased from the record books, and no winner or loser is recorded. This ruling can be declared in various scenarios.

Scenarios that lead to a No Contest Ruling:

  1. Illegal Strikes: If a fighter throws illegal strikes that result in the opponent being unable to continue fighting, the referee may call the fight a no contest. Illegal strikes include groin strikes, eye pokes, headbutts, and biting. If the fighter who was struck is unable to continue fighting, the bout is deemed inconclusive.
  2. Accidental Fouls: In some instances, fighters may unintentionally commit fouls that result in the opponent being unable to continue fighting. Examples of accidental fouls include low blows, headbutts, and eye pokes. If the referee deems the foul to be unintentional and severe enough to end the fight, the bout is declared a no contest.
  3. Failed Drug Tests: The UFC has strict anti-doping policies, and fighters are subjected to drug testing before and after fights. If a fighter fails a drug test, the bout in question may be declared a no contest. The fighter may also face disciplinary action, including fines and suspensions.
  4. Other External Factors: In some rare cases, external factors may lead to a no contest ruling. For example, if the venue experiences a power outage or the cage collapses during the fight, the bout may be declared a no contest.


In conclusion, a no contest ruling in UFC occurs when a fight ends without a winner or loser. The ruling can be made in various scenarios, including illegal strikes, accidental fouls, failed drug tests, and other external factors. While no contest rulings are relatively rare, they can have significant implications for fighters and their careers. Therefore, it is essential for fighters to understand the rules and regulations of the UFC to avoid any unintentional fouls or illegal strikes that may lead to a no contest ruling.

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