what does s/u mean on instagram?


S/U is an abbreviation that can mean different things on Instagram. Most of the time, it stands for “swipe up.” This is a call to action that tells users to swipe up on their screen to view more content. This content is usually a link to a website, product, or service.

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When is S/U used on Instagram?

S/U is most commonly used on Instagram Stories. This is because Stories are temporary, so users only have a limited amount of time to view them. By adding a S/U to a Story, users can encourage their followers to view more content before it disappears.

S/U can also be used on regular Instagram posts. However, it is not as common because regular posts are not temporary.

How to use S/U on Instagram

To use S/U on Instagram, simply add the text “S/U” to your Story or post. You can also add a link to a website, product, or service. When users swipe up on your Story or post, they will be taken to the link that you have provided.


S/U is a helpful tool that can be used to increase engagement on Instagram. By adding a S/U to your Stories or posts, you can encourage your followers to view more content and learn more about you or your business.

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