what does sps mean on instagram ?


The abbreviation “SPS” has multiple meanings on Instagram, depending on the context. Here are some of the most common meanings:

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  • Smart Production Solutions: SPS is an annual trade fair held in Nuremberg, Germany, that focuses on industrial automation and smart manufacturing. The official Instagram account for the SPS trade fair is @spsmesse.
  • Small Polyps Stony Corals: SPS corals are a type of stony coral that have small polyps, which are the individual feeding and reproductive units of the coral. SPS corals are often brightly colored and are popular in reef aquariums. The hashtag #sps is often used on Instagram to share photos and videos of SPS corals.
  • SPS: SPS can also stand for a variety of other things on Instagram, such as “School of Performing Arts,” “Space Power Syndicate,” and “SPS International.” However, these are less common meanings of the abbreviation.


Overall, the meaning of “SPS” on Instagram depends on the context. The most common meanings are “Smart Production Solutions” and “Small Polyps Stony Corals.” However, the abbreviation can also stand for a variety of other things.

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