what does ttun mean ?


The rivalry between Ohio State University and the University of Michigan is one of the most storied and intense in all of college sports. The two schools have been competing against each other since 1897, and their annual football game, known as “The Game,” is one of the most anticipated events of the year.

The Origins of the Rivalry

The rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan is rooted in a number of factors, including geographical proximity, academic competition, and athletic prowess. The two schools are located just about 100 miles apart from each other, and they have been battling for bragging rights in the state of Ohio for over a century.

Woody Hayes and the Rise of TTUN

One of the most important figures in the history of the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry is Woody Hayes, the legendary Buckeyes coach who led the team from 1951 to 1978. Hayes was known for his fiery personality and his intense dislike of Michigan. He often referred to the Wolverines as “The Team Up North” or “TTUN,” and he even crossed out the “M”s in their name.

The Game: A Tradition of Excellence

The Game is one of the most important games of the year for both Ohio State and Michigan. The two teams have played each other 116 times, with Ohio State leading the series 78-37-9. The Game has been played at a number of different stadiums over the years, but it has been held at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor since 1927.

What Does TTUN Mean?

TTUN is a derogatory nickname for the University of Michigan, used by Ohio State fans. It stands for “The Team Up North.” The nickname was popularized by Woody Hayes, the legendary Ohio State football coach.


The Ohio State-Michigan rivalry is one of the most intense and memorable in all of college sports. The two teams have a long history of hatred and excellence, and The Game continues to be one of the most important events of the year.

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