what is a bindi bag ?


A bindi bag is a small, decorative bag that is traditionally used to store bindis, which are small, round ornaments that are worn on the forehead in South Asia. Bindi bags are often made from silk or other fine fabric and are often decorated with embroidery or beading.

Bindi Bags: A Cultural Tradition

Bindi bags are more than just a place to store bindis; they are also a cultural symbol in many South Asian countries. In India, for example, bindi bags are often given as gifts to brides and new mothers. They are also seen as a good luck charm and are often worn by women during religious ceremonies.

Types of Bindi Bags

There are many different types of bindi bags available, ranging from simple pouches to elaborately decorated cases. Some bindi bags are made from traditional materials like silk or brocade, while others are made from more modern materials like plastic or metal. Bindi bags can also vary in size, from small pouches that can only hold a few bindis to larger cases that can hold a variety of jewelry and accessories.

How to Use a Bindi Bag

Bindi bags are typically used to store bindis, but they can also be used to store other small items, such as jewelry, coins, or makeup. To use a bindi bag, simply open it up and place the bindis or other items inside. You can then close the bag and store it in a safe place.

Where to Find Bindi Bags

Bindi bags can be found at many different retailers, including Indian grocery stores, online retailers, and craft stores. You can also find them at some specialty shops that sell South Asian jewelry and accessories.


Bindi bags are a unique and beautiful accessory that can be used to store bindis, jewelry, and other small items. They are also a cultural symbol in many South Asian countries. If you are looking for a unique and meaningful gift, consider giving a bindi bag to someone special.

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