who is cole on young and the restless ?


Cole Howard is a fictional character on the long-running American soap opera The Young and the Restless. He was first introduced as a child in 1980, played by N.P. Schoch. However, it was in the mid-1990s, when J. Eddie Peck took on the role, that Cole truly became a pivotal figure in the show’s complex storylines.

Early Years and Family Ties

Cole’s life was marked by the tumultuous relationship between his mother, Eve Howard, and Victor Newman, a powerful businessman in Genoa City. Eve’s obsession with Victor led to her trying to pass Cole off as his son, even though he was actually fathered by Rick Daros, a dangerous and troubled man.

Relationship with Victoria Newman

Cole’s romantic entanglement with Victoria Newman, Victor’s daughter, became one of the show’s most captivating storylines. Their relationship was fraught with challenges, including Victor’s disapproval and the revelation of Cole’s true parentage. Despite the obstacles, Cole and Victoria remained deeply in love, and they eventually married.

Departure and Return

In 1999, Cole left Genoa City to pursue a career as an Oxford professor. His departure left a void in Victoria’s life, and their relationship was never the same. In 2023, J. Eddie Peck made a triumphant return to The Young and the Restless, reprising the role of Cole Howard. His comeback brought a surge of excitement among fans, eager to see how Cole would reintegrate into the lives of Victoria and the Newman family.

Character Traits and Significance

Cole Howard is portrayed as a charming, intelligent, and compassionate individual. He is also fiercely loyal and protective of those he loves. His return to Genoa City has brought new intrigue and drama to the show, and it will be interesting to see how his presence will impact the lives of the characters and the overall direction of the storylines.


Cole Howard’s journey on The Young and the Restless has been one of love, loss, and self-discovery. His character has evolved over the years, and he continues to be a fan favorite. His recent return to the show has sparked renewed interest in his story, and it is likely that he will continue to play a significant role in the lives of the Newman family and the broader Genoa City community.

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