who were the people in kgs family ?


Kezia’s family is a small one, consisting of only four members: Kezia herself, her mother, her father, and her grandmother. They live in a small house in a quiet neighborhood. Kezia’s parents are both teachers, and her grandmother is retired. Kezia is the youngest child in the family, and she has two older brothers.

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Kezia’s mother is a kind and gentle woman. She is always there for Kezia when she needs her, and she always knows how to make Kezia feel better when she is upset. Kezia’s father is a strong and hardworking man. He loves to spend time with his family, and he always makes sure that they have everything they need. Kezia’s grandmother is a wise and funny woman. She loves to tell stories and play games with Kezia. Kezia’s brothers are both older than her, but they are always willing to help her out. They play with her, teach her things, and protect her from bullies.

Who were the people in kgs family?

The people in Kezia’s family were Kezia herself, her mother, her father, and her grandmother. There were a total of four members in the family.


Kezia is grateful for her loving and supportive family. They are always there for her, no matter what. She knows that she can always count on them, and that makes her feel safe and loved.

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