why is toronto called the six ?

Toronto is sometimes referred to as “The Six,” a nickname that has become increasingly popular in recent years. The origin of the nickname can be traced back to the city’s area codes, 416 and 647, which both contain the number six. However, the nickname also has a connection to the city’s six founding municipalities, which were brought together to form the City of Toronto in 1998.

Drake, a popular Canadian rapper, is credited with popularizing the nickname “The Six” in his music and social media posts. He has explained that the nickname is meant to represent the six boroughs that make up Toronto: Scarborough, North York, East York, York, Etobicoke, and the former City of Toronto. He has also stated that “The Six” represents the city’s diversity and multiculturalism.

The nickname has since been embraced by many Torontonians and has become a symbol of pride for the city. It is often used in popular culture and has even been adopted by local sports teams, such as the Toronto Raptors, who released a special edition jersey featuring the nickname.

Overall, “The Six” is a catchy and unique nickname that has become synonymous with Toronto and its vibrant culture.

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