will AISH increase in 2024 ?


The Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) program provides financial support to Albertans living with severe disabilities. With rising inflation impacting the cost of living, many AISH recipients are concerned about whether their benefits will increase in 2024.

AISH Increase Confirmed:

Yes, based on the 2023 Alberta Budget, the AISH benefit will increase in 2024. This increase comes as part of a $260 million commitment to support AISH recipients and keep pace with inflation.

Increase Details:

The AISH benefit is indexed to inflation, meaning it automatically adjusts based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The 2023 budget announced a 6% increase to the AISH benefit, which was implemented in January 2023.

Expected 2024 Increase:

The exact amount of the 2024 increase will depend on the inflation rate for the fiscal year. However, based on current forecasts, it is anticipated that the increase will be approximately 3%. This would mean that AISH recipients could see their monthly payments rise by around $53.

Changes to Affordable Living Supports:

In addition to the AISH increase, the 2023 budget also introduced several changes to affordable living supports for Albertans receiving social benefits, including AISH recipients. These changes include:

  • Six monthly affordability payments of $100: Applicable to individuals and families with an adjusted household income below $180,000.
  • Increased income threshold for student loan repayment assistance: Increased from $25,000 to $40,000.
  • Extended grace period for student loan repayment: From six months to one year after graduation.


The AISH benefit will increase in 2024 to keep pace with inflation. This increase is in addition to several other changes to affordable living supports for Albertans receiving social benefits. While the exact amount of the 2024 increase is not yet known, it is anticipated to be around 3%. This is a positive step forward in helping AISH recipients maintain their standard of living in a challenging economic environment.

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